Engineers in Spotlight: Global Talent of Asilla (Part 2)

Welcome back to the fourth blog post of Asilla Tech Blog! In this note, I hope to introduce the budding youth of international engineers who are working extremely hard to advance the technological innovations for protecting the security of our society. 


Nitish Jaiswal

Mr. Nitish pursued his undergraduate degree at Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University) specializing in civil engineering and master’s degree at the University of Tokyo focusing in spatial information science. A highly motivated and talented individual from New Delhi, India is an all-rounder with keen interests ranging from traveling to playing musical instruments (piano, guitar, flute). Moreover, Mr. Nitish’s passion for exploring higher studies abroad led him to start a new chapter in Japan engaging him with a new lifestyle from another cultural perspective. 


At Asilla, Mr. Nitish is currently developing a transformer based model which can be trained on human silhouette data combined with the human pose heatmaps to capture human walking patterns for re-identification. In this regard, he is developing a novel algorithm for more efficient fusion of silhouette based and pose based features. Also, he is experimenting with a self-supervised learning approach to utilize unlabelled datasets to boost the model's performance and generalization capability. In the future, Mr. Nitish hopes to achieve a robust Gait recognition system which can help MCT to detect and track suspected people in diverse environments. 


Niraj Yadav

Mr. Niraj completed his bachelor’s degree from Indian Institute of Technology Mandi concentrating in Computer Science and Engineering. A charismatic individual with a good sense of humor is from Jaipur, India and he thoroughly enjoys watching anime, exploring restaurants, and playing video games. Furthermore, Mr. Niraj was first introduced to Japan through a 2-month summer internship opportunity at a company called Weathernews Inc. that exposed him to Japanese work culture and lifestyle; in essence, this opportunity further encouraged him to come back to Japan for start off his career at Asilla Japan! 


At Asilla, Mr. Niraj is currently working in the MCT office tracking project. He handles the coordination between SCT(single camera tracking) and MCT(multi camera tracking) while managing the Neo4j database within the system. The overall goal of this project is to enhance the office technical framework through providing management to NTT office by tracking the people across the office.


Li Wei Chang

Mr. Chang completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at National Tsing Hua University in computer science while focusing his research in deep learning. A kind hearted and an intellectual personality hails from the land of Taiwan who enjoys unique hobbies of riding motorcycles and reading books on the history of philosophy and mathematics. Moreover, Mr. Chang was first introduced to Japan through a study abroad program at University of Tsukuba that enabled him to conduct research on SNS statistical analysis by utilizing graph theory. 


At Asilla, Mr. Chang is working at the Biological Motion (BLM) team with a main research goal of enhancing the age estimation and gender classification using a model-based and appearance-based approach. He has been researching in this team from the start and hopes to improve the accuracy, performance, and speed of this model. 


Closing Remarks


Asilla Inc. is still accepting job applications for interested members from worldwide. If you are interested in joining our diverse and talented team members, please contact us as soon as possible.