Engineers in Spotlight: Global Talent of Asilla (Part 1)

Hello! Welcome to the third post of the Asilla Tech Blog. In this overview, we hope to introduce elite class researchers and AI engineers who are currently working in Asilla to further the vision of becoming the guardians of the world! 


Specialist in Gait Analysis 

Name: Yap Miao Sin Robin

Major: Computer Intelligence and Systems Science 

University: Tokyo Institute of Technology 

Dr. Robin received his undergraduate and master’s degrees from National University of Singapore and completed his PhD at Tokyo Institute of Technology. A fine, soft-spoken gentleman hails from Singapore as his passion in information technology & robotics and his enthusiasm to study abroad led to the land of the rising sun: Japan! In fact, Dr. Robin has established extensive research experience in University of Tsukuba & Agency for Science, Technology and Research (ASTAR) and significant exposure in industrial settings at Sunwell Corporation and QiBi Tech for software engineering. 


At Asilla, Dr. Robin is associated with the multi-camera tracking (MCT) team and the biological motion (BLM) team. His main research goal at the MCT team is to enhance the camera-based gait recognition accuracy using 3D pose estimation model and bench-marking it against IMU gait estimation. For the long term, he hopes to improve gait re-identification of subjects using a 3D pose estimation approach. 


Aside from his professional activities, Dr. Robin enjoys spending his leisure time playing the guitar and engaging in activities from swimming to robot plastic modeling. 


Specialist in Brain Science 

Name: Mohammad Abdolrahmani 

Major: Cognitive Neuroscience

University: Osaka University

Dr. Mohammad pursued his doctoral degree at Osaka University focusing on cognitive neuroscience.  A well established biomedical researcher from Iran was a former university lecturer at Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences who taught anatomical sciences to medical students in training. In fact, his continued intellectual curiosity in visual perception and visually guided behaviors motivated him to pursue higher studies in Japan that further led him to become a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at prestigious RIKEN. 


At Asilla, Dr. Mohammad aims to improve the state of the art behavior prediction models, by generating such datasets in addition to mining of the existing database, extracting stereotypical as well as unique features, training deep learning models with such features in order to develop models with better accuracy and higher confidence.Besides the stereotypes, Dr. Mohammad believes that human mind and behavior have subtleties that is unique for every individual. Thus, in order to classify or to predict human behavior with high certainty, Dr. Mohammad visions that AI needs to visit not only the stereotypes, but also the behavioral subtleties while hoping to accomplish one of the major obstacles for more accurate models is by solving the complications with lack of specialized datasets. 


In his free time, Dr. Mohammad loves to explore nature, filmmaking, football, and current advancements in science. 


Specialist in Human Robot Interaction 

Name: Hesham Shehata 

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

University: Alexandria University

Mr. Hesham is a fantastic hands-on engineer who pursued his educational background at Alexandria University in mechanical engineering and further attained doctoral research exposure at Kyoto University. A motivated and hard-working R&D engineer from Egypt had previously served as a Physics Instructor at Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology and applications mechanical engineer at National Water Works Company which enabled him to top class exposure to Mechatronics and Robotics department along with a manufacturing center with CNC machines! In fact, his 6 year tenure at E-JUST led to effective collaborations with Japanese professors that further actuated him to continue his research passion in Japan! 


At Asilla, Mr. Hesham is interested in doing research on human trajectories to achieve the best performance to recognize and predict trajectory-related human behaviors in public places. This involves collecting data, defining related features, and training and developing machine learning (ML) prediction models. By doing so, he aims to help Asilla become a world leader in the field of human action recognition through human trajectory identification.


In his leisure time, he enjoys coding, swimming, running, and football.


Specialist in Medical Technology 

Name: Santosh Kumar  

Major: Biological Sciences  

University: University of Toronto 

Mr. Santosh is a highly motivated biomedical engineer who majored in biological sciences at the University of Toronto. An ambitious and hard working researcher with a multicultural personality hails from Morioka, Iwate-Prefecture who developed profound interests in the applications of artificial intelligence within the biomedical sciences. As a matter of fact, Mr. Santosh had attained extensive research experience at numerous global settings enabling him to innovate cutting edge technological discoveries in MRI, NMR, and drug delivery systems for a sustainable future. 


At Asilla, Mr. Santosh hopes to work on establishing the global brand of the company from an international perspective. In fact, he was deeply moved by the company’s mission of utilizing the state-of-the-art AI technology for becoming the guardians in the world while aiming to reach the number 1 position in the world. Indeed, he strongly believes that Asilla’s technology poses outstanding potential to revolutionize our society, eradicating crime and danger. 


In his free time, he enjoys engaging in activities such as theater arts, dancing, and ikebana. 


Closing Remarks   


Would you be interested to take part in this diverse team of engineers who are creating transformational technological solutions for a safer environment? Asilla Inc. is currently hiring top global talent so do not hesitate to reach out to us! 


Lastly, stay tuned for the second series of “Engineers in Spotlight Part 2” very soon!